Friday, July 16, 2010

Island Safari tours

I bet you didn't know that Antigua has some routes that are probably only drivable on, with the island safari vehicles?! Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Island Safari tours will take you on an adventure that you will never experience anywhere else in the world! These fully equipped Land Rovers are prepared for any kind of terrain and will take you through the deepest parts of Antigua's tropical rain forests, such as Fig tree drive and Body pond. Once you have been on this tour, then you can tell me for yourself if your vehicle would survive these naturalistic routes. Explore some of Antigua's famous landmarks, and learn a bit of our beautiful island's culture and history, while being catered to, with food and drinks. On the tour you will be guided by the professionals who have done this for several years now, and yet they still haven't lost any enthusiasm for it! check it out at Tropical Adventures Antigua.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Excellence forms part of Tropical Adventures' many island tours of Antigua and Barbuda. It is an excellent, and fun-filled way to discover our beautiful islands of Antigua and Barbuda, by sea. They offer island, circumnavigation tours of Antigua, where you can come and enjoy a wonderful day including snorkeling in the turquoise waters and just having a fun time on board with our experienced crew, and others just like you!
Otherwise, this 82 foot engine powered catamaran, can also take you on a cruise to Antigua's sister island, Barbuda! Here you can enjoy a complete day of fun in the sun, on some of Barbuda's most secluded beaches, where a full bar and lunch is open for all the guests!

Have you ever been on the Excellence???

Mystic tours

The Mystic is one of Tropical Adventures' island tour boats, that is the 65 foot sailing catamaran of the Tropical Adventures. This sleek, smooth vessel, offers several variations of tours, some being all day in the sea, and others with a combination of the island Safari (land based tour). Depending on the day, you may hop on board of the Mystic, and let the crew sail you out into Antigua's beautiful, turquoise sea, where you can enjoy a day out snorkeling, have a great sunset view ride, or simply just go with the flow, and have a party on board with a complete open bar, and music that will get you through the day! Of course however, there are always stops on some of Antigua's most secluded beaches, where you will be able to just sink your feet in the sand, and have a nice drink in your hand. With the Mystic, you can let yourself relax, while all will be served and catered to you by the fully experienced crew. If anyone has been on this bout, they will know what I'm talking about!